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Waste Recycling using Greywater systems


The integral components are: 1.Laundry/bathroom 2.Surge tank 3.Garden



Diversion plumbing is installed in the laundry and/or bathroom to allow selection of sending greywater to waste or garden. Diversion is as easy as turning the small valve adjacent to the washing machine. When implemented in new homes, diversion plumbing is hidden in the wall. As the amount of greywater required depends on garden size, the majority of suburban installations only require laundry greywater. If considering purchase of a new washing machine and greywater diversion, use of a front load machine will probably require a bathroom takeoff as well.


Surge tank

Lint and solids are caught on entry to the surge tank to avoid dripper blockages. A surge tank is used as a buffer between the washing machine and garden. Soil composition dictates how rapidly water can be emitted from the drippers into the garden. A valve beneath the tank allows contents to be sent directly to waste if necessary.



Greywater from the surge tank travels to the garden via above-surface low density poly pipe and subsequently directed to sub-surface drippers. The drippers emit water into the soil at 11 and 14 centimetres below the surface. These depths ensure water is emitted at root level and loss through evaporation is negligible. Sites where any section of the garden to be irrigated is higher than the greywater source require use of a self activating pump. A pump is also used on level sites with long distribution runs.


Oasis greywater treatment system

Oasis greywater treatment system


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