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Compost Systems

The key to a healthier more beautiful garden is compost, but left to nature, compost takes a long time to form.

With the Ezyroll Compost Barrow you can produce a rich natural compost in only 14 days just by recycling all the garden and kitchen waste you would otherwise send to the tip.

The Ezyroll Compost Barrow accelerates the natural decomposition process by providing the right conditions for microbial activity to occur, causing the materials to break down at a much faster rate.

How to produce Rich, organic compost in FOURTEEN DAYS (and entertain the kids!)

Anything that has been living is considered to be "organic" and can be added to you Ezyroll Compost Barrow for composting.

The barrel will hold 7 catcher loads of material. Leave enough room at the top when loading to allow movement in the first couple of days until the contents heat through and start to decompose. The tumbler can be operated half full but any less than half will not be enough material to create a heat zone.

As with any composting method, layering the green and dry materials will get the best results.

Recommended ratio for loading

If recycling mainly garden refuse you need to add approximately four parts green material to one part dry. However, if only kitchen waste is to recycled the ration should be one part green to one part dry. This is because vegetable waste contains almost ten times the amount of moisture than garden waste. Using a lawn mower catcher is a useful measure. Remember four catcher loads of green to one load of dry.


Green materials

Fresh lawn clippings should be the main ingredient and should be added, where possible, on the first day of the cycle as they will take the full 14 days to decompose. Other green material includes weeds, soft prunings, vegetable peelings, fruit skins, tealeaves/bags, coffee grounds. (Large lumps of vegetable such as cauliflower stalks should be cut up a little first). Vegetable peelings can be added to the ezyroller right up to the 10th day of the cycle. Seaweed is another great green ingredient.

Dry materials

Sawdust or wood shavings, shredded newspapers, dry leaves, vacuum dust, torn up card board, egg cartons, small amounts of ash from the fireplace, dog hair.

Turning the mixture

Stand between the frame "handles" and use the moulded hand grips to rotate the barrel towards you giving it FIVE revolutions ONCE each day. This daily movement is a necessary part of the cycle. It allows oxygen to circulate and the aerobic bacteria to flourish, speeding up the decomposition process. Without the daily oxygen supply the process will take longer than fourteen days.

The material will warm up within hours (even in the shade) and in a couple of days will reach a temperature of 55 degrees and more. This heat zone will be maintained for about 10 days destroying weeds, seeds and pathogens that may cause disease. The last four days is the cooling down period after which time the compost should be just slightly damp.

To empty

Now you can tilt the frame to the top of the barrow and easy roll to the required spot in the garden. Remove the lid and rock the barrel to release the compost onto the ground. Ideally leave a little compost in the barrel as it already contains the bacteria to activate your next fourteen day cycle.

Using your compost

Digging the compost in below the easurface will help to condition the soil, encouraging earthworm and bacterial activity which aerate and feed the soil. Alternatively just spread the compost on the surface of garden beds. Compost helps to maintain moisture and the nutrients leach down to the plant roots with watering. Keep the compost slightly away from the plant stems allowing them to breathe. Potted plants can benefit too. Soak a small amount of compost in a bucket of water for an hour or two then drain this nutrient laden water on the plants.

Composter Specifications

  • 320 litre barrel with a 5 year guarantee
  • 14 day cycle to produce rich compost
  • no odour
  • no vermin
  • Works positioned in the shade or sun
  • Galvanised steel frame
  • 100% UV stabilised polyethylene barrel
  • Dry bearing rotation system that will never rust
  • Australian designed and made
  • Can be wheeled to any location
  • Wide access hole for easy loading/unloading
  • Dimensions: 90cm H x 93cm W x 85cm D

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