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Team Poly Water Solutions


At Growmax, we have a wide range of Team Polywater solutions available. Following this step by step guide will ensure that you select a Team Poly tank to suit your requirements.

Step 1

Establish your roofs water harvesting capabilities.This will help ensure your on going water supply in times of water restrictions or water shortages.

Step 2

Your rainwater tank can be plumbed both indoor and outdoors. This guide will help you understand what is required. 

Step 3

Select one of the 14 COLORBOND Tank Colours to complement your tank with the surrounding environment.

Step 4

Select a tank to suit your environments.Tanks range from 55 litres to 50,050 litres.

Step 5

Complate this checklist to ensure you select a Team Poly tank that is suitable to your needs.

Step 6

This guide will assist you in preaparing tEAMPOLYa site prior to delivery of your new Team Poly tank from Growmax. 


SolarVenti stops mould mildew and musty smells!! Give Barry a call now.

Latest News

We have taken on board a whole new suite of products:

  • Solar water heating systems
  • Solar wind systems
  • Solar hot water
  • Solar pool heating
  • Soalr air heating and  yes we still sell water tanks.