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Aquacomb Underground Tanks


Modular water pod storage system.

AquacombOur modular water pod storage system is designed to compliment the current waffle pod concrete slab construction method currently used by home builders throughout Australia. The water pods are configured in 2 sizes Imageallowing the system to be designed to hold multiple amounts of water for reuse and less dependence on mains drinking water.


The materials used in the construction of the major components of the system (water pods/seals/flow pipes) all comply with relevant Australian Standards for drinking water and carry a 20 year guarantee.



The Aquacomb System has been specifically designed to manage domestic rainwater and stormwater. This water harvesting system comprises a series of interconnected water storage pods that can be housed wholly within a concrete slab or under any hard, covered surface.


The Aquacomb system is made up of 3 components:-

1. Aquacomb Water Pod
2. Aquacomb Flow Pipe
3. Aquacomb Kinetic Seal

RemTec is proud to present Aquacomb, the most innovative water storage system that has been designed and manufactured specifically for your freedom.  It can range from 260L to many thousands of litres.
Designed for water storage in almost any situation from underground, under house, around house, on top of a structure or under deck.


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