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Why Us

If you own a home or a commercial space and are looking for ways to cut down on your water usage costs or store water for that not-so rainy day then contact Gromax for an obligation free quote on (02) 9534 1194 or Mobile: 0414 953 411

About Us

Growmax was established in 1993, as an environmental company, pioneering water collection methods and the production of plant growing products. The following year Water For Australia was formed, the major thrust of this company was to explore, develop, and promote collection storage and distribution of water and to maximize its use in the growing of all types of products.

composterAllied to this was the development of storage systems, pumping systems and power systems (including solar systems) for use primarily in connection with the above projects.

Today Growmax has truly developed into an environmental company that promotes the use of all types of water tanks and storage facilities. The development and use of solar/ wind power systems, that range from small solar panels for domestic use to others that are more suited to commercial applications.

We have a deep interest in the maintenance and improvement of systems to recycle waste products into sustainable products that can be used by the home gardener or to aid the growing of crops commercially.

We welcome feedback or suggestions that may help to advance the performance of our products for use by future generations.

Ring me now on(02) 9534 1194 or Mobile: 0414 953 411


SolarVenti stops mould mildew and musty smells!! Give Barry a call now.

Latest News

We have taken on board a whole new suite of products:

  • Solar water heating systems
  • Solar wind systems
  • Solar hot water
  • Solar pool heating
  • Soalr air heating and  yes we still sell water tanks.